The Bottom of the Barrel

Shortly before the recent election, the Lib Dems (presumably because I’d gotten on their mailing list by participating in an opinion survey) decided to love bomb me with a celebrity dinner. Their email, and my reply are below:

From: Susan Weavers []
Sent: 04 May 2015 19:18
To: Derek Grierson
Subject: I won dinner with John Cleese!

Dear Derek,

You don’t know me – but I do have something interesting to tell you.

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the Liberal Democrats asking for a donation. In return I could win the chance to have dinner with John Cleese.

Well Derek, I gave a small amount and didn’t think anything more about it. That was until last week when Lib Dem HQ called me to say that I’d won.

I couldn’t believe it – but they’re now arranging a date for me to sit down for dinner with John Cleese.

Derek, now it’s your chance to win dinner. The Lib Dems are running a similar competition, but this time you can win dinner with Hugh Grant.

All you need to do is what I did, make a small donation to their campaign. In return you’ll be entered into the competition and, like me, you could win.

Derek, you don’t have long – the competition closes tonight at midnight. You can make a donation right now, it will only take a minute.



Susan Weavers

Published and promoted by Tim Gordon on behalf of the Liberal Democrats, 8-10 Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AE. Hosted by NationBuilder.

Dear Susan (if that’s your real name)

How nice of you to trade your judgement and principles for a free lunch. I do hope you enjoyed it. Please tell Hugh, and John, and Tom, Dick and Harry for that matter, that I would rather lose a limb than give my vote to a party of unprincipled shills who would sell out the poor to be in power. A sea change is coming in British politics. The old, the privileged and the corrupt have had their chance to run things. And have well and truly screwed the pooch (along with the rest of us). They’re not getting another chance. If you have a shred of humanity and you live in England, you’ll vote Green for a party that doesn’t pick on the weak. If you live Wales, vote Plaid. If you live in Scotland, vote SNP. The old hegemony of privilege and domination by London and its bankers is over. They’re just too stupid to admit defeat yet.

Get yourself on the right side of this argument. It won’t make you rich, but the ability to sleep soundly at night is priceless.

Yours sincerely

Derek Grierson

(a fellow human being)